Birthday Parties & Pricing

Have an I.P. Birthday Party!

What could make for a more fun birthday for children 10 and under than a party in KidsTown, USA, where everything is child size? You provide all the refreshments and we provide you with a party room and play for 2 hours for up to 20 children. To check availability or to book a party, visit our online booking site.

Up to 20 children (age 10 and under) –  $150
A maximum of 20 adults may accompany the children. View full rules below.

Book your party online now:

Prepayment in full is required to make a reservation. Birthday parties are non-refundable, but we will be happy to move your party to a new date. Please review the facility before making your reservation. You are welcome to bring your own supplies and set them up yourself 15 minutes before your time slot.

Birthday Party Terms / Rules:

 Terms of Party Room Use:

  • Parties may gain access to party room 15 minutes prior to scheduled start time to set up and must promptly vacate room at scheduled end time to allow staff to prepare for next group. The room should be left clean of ALL party materials at that time.
  • Confetti, silly string, poppers, and funny foam are not allowed anywhere in the museum. Do not tape, tack, or glue items to walls or other painted surfaces.
  • Absolutely NO food or beverages are allowed outside of party room.
  • All party guests must sign in and have their arm bands on before entering Imagination Place.

Museum Rules:

  • No running allowed inside the museum.
  • Do not remove items from exhibits.
  • Climbing is prohibited and is allowed ONLY in the climb-in wall.
  • Tot spot is for guests age 2 and under and their caregiver (adult over 18).
  • Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  • Shoes must be worn in the museum.
  • For the safety of our young guests the double doors that open onto Broad Street are for emergency exit only. All guests must enter/exit via the Hardin Center.

Imagination Place Children’s Museum is a hands-on museum. Due to the maintenance and staffing requirements of the exhibits some components may be unavailable for use during your party. The museum is open to the public and other visitors may be there during your visit.

You are responsible for informing your guests of all museum rules and agree to be financially responsible for any damage, either willful or accidental, caused by yourself and/or your guests. In the event of circumstances beyond our control that cause us to close our facility (severe weather, power outage, etc.), every effort will be made to reschedule birthday parties. If a new date cannot be agreed upon, deposits will be refunded. This is the only circumstance when deposits will be refunded.

Frequently asked questions:

Am I allowed to bring my own food for the party?

Yes, however, cooking and heating devices are not permitted. We suggest pizza delivery, sub sandwiches, snack foods or similar. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted. There is absolutely no food or drink permitted outside of the party room.

How is Museum play time scheduled?

All of our parties include 2 hours for both play and use of the party room.  When you will play and when you do presents/refreshments is completely up to you and your guests.

Does the Museum provide any type of programming or entertainment?

The Museum does not provide any programming or child supervision for our birthday parties. Adults must supervise children during the entirety of their visit. A Museum staff member will be available to assist with set-up, clean-up and to address any needs that may arise during the party.

Am I allowed into the Party Room before the scheduled time to set-up or decorate?

The party host is allowed into the Party Room 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the party. No tape, tacks, and/or glue may be used to secure decorations. You will be held financially responsible for any damage incurred by you and/or your guests.

Am I responsible for the set up and/or clean up of the room?

A Museum staff member will be available to assist with set-up, clean-up and to address any needs that may arise during the party. The party host will be escorted by a Museum staff member 15 minutes prior to the start of the party to set-up any additional decorations and/or food. Please take/throw away any leftover refreshments at the end of your party. Trash cans are available for your use. Our staff will wipe tables, sweep floors and remove trash bags when your party is finished. Please promptly vacate party at the end of your scheduled time.

Where should I park?

You and your guests should park in the municipal parking lot behind the Mary G. Hardin Center for Cultural Arts. Parking on Broad Street is a 2 hour maximum and is strictly enforced. The large double doors that open onto Broad Street are for emergency exit ONLY and will not be opened for any other reason. To ensure the safety of our young visitors all guests must enter/exit via the Mary G. Hardin Center.