New Music Theory Class Offered

A music theory and applications class is being offered as part of the Gadsden Community School for the Arts spring 2021 semester.

Cory Fant – Music Theory and Applications
Seventh through Twelfth Grade
Thursday 2:00 pm – 7:30 pm
$480 / (16) 1-hour lessons ($120 monthly)

Music Theory and Popular Applications is a sixteen week course that teaches students the basics of music theory and helps students apply music theory to their daily musical practices. Each lesson will be customized to each student’s needs and interest. They will take a diagnostic test at the beginning of class to determine their current level. There is no passing or failing this test, rather it is a way to see what the focus needs to be for each student. As the lesson progresses the material will change based off what the student needs. Fant believes that there is no one correct way to teach music theory and applications as each person is at different experience levels and understanding of music.

Throughout the semester, students will learn the basic concepts of music theory, ear training, listening skills, the popular applications of theory over multiple periods of music history, and some compositional techniques. These concepts will range from the basics of scales and how they’re used, interval training, ear training, harmonic analysis, and more. There will also be weekly listening assignments that will cover a very broad range of musical styles and genres. Some of these will be based off the student’s interests and the material that we are learning in lessons and others will be pieces that will help show how vast the musical landscape is. With each assignment there will be a brief write up and discussion every lesson.

Fant’s goal is for students to be able to take all of these tools they gain and be able to apply them to the music of their own choice with confidence and understanding. It is important to understand that music theory is not a way of creating music but but a tool to help understand the language of music and how it works. It is not a required tool but a very valuable one to have at your use no matter what you do in your musical journey.

About the instructor:

Corey Fant is an American composer, producer, recording engineer, and performer. Fant has had a number of pieces premiered and performed nationally and internationally and has written pieces for a wide variety of of solo artists, ensembles, and orchestras. Fant received a degree in Music Composition from the University of Alabama, studying under Dr. Amir Zaheri, and Dr. C. P. First and is currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Audio Engineering at Belmont

While attending the University of Alabama, Fant did extensive studies in Tonal Theory of the Common Practice Period through the Romantic Period, Ear Training, Post Tonal Theory, Atonal Theory (12 tone, set theory, and serialism), Orchestration (Classical to modern), 16th Century Counterpoint, 17th Century Counterpoint, Form and Analysis, and Recording and Production Techniques.

Fant believes that anyone can learn music theory, its application, music, and the techniques of composition but it should not be a barrier for anyone on their musical journey. They just need to have the right attitude, an open mind, and a dedication to their craft. While it is good to understand music theory it is important to know that it is not how music is created. It is just a tool to help give someone a better understanding of the language of music and how aspects of it function. No matter what kind of music you create or enjoy these tools will always be an aid on your musical journey.

Outside of his compositional work, Fant has a focus on the recording, production, distribution, and publication of new music in multiple genres starting his own recording and publishing company HDA Publishing and Records. Fant has working and collaborated with a number of groups ranging from the University of Alabama Contemporary Ensemble, Bard University Composer Conductor Program, Dance Alabama, and the Nashville Symphony.

The 2021 Spring Semester is a 16-week term beginning January 11, 2021 and ending May 3, 2021. A *$15 Non-Refundable registration fee is due at the time of registration to reserve a lesson time or position in a class or workshop. Instructor information is listed below along with his or her availability for class. Tuition is broken into four payments, due on the 15th of each month. Scholarships are available for those who qualify. For more information, please contact Susie Collins at (256)543-2787, ext. 0 or

*The $15 registration fee is waived if the student is a member if the Mary G. Hardin Center for Cultural Arts. Become a member and save $15 per semester for every class/lesson that is taken at the Mary G. Hardin Center for Cultural Arts.

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