Downtown Dance Conservatory June/July 2020 Class Schedule

The Hardin Center will reopen for GCSA and DDC classes on Monday, June 1 with the following new social distancing procedures: 

1) Parents will be encouraged to drop off and pick up older students in the rear (5th street) parking lot and a staff person will be assigned to assist. The DDC dressing rooms will be closed, students will need to arrive and leave dressed for class. Upon arrival, Students must wait downstairs until their lesson/class begins. A DDC staff member will come downstairs and call the students to class. Please arrive on time. 

2) When students arrive with their teacher into class,  they will get hands sanitized. No props will be shared between classmates or from class to class (separate props for every class and sanitized before used again). No barre work or hand holding will be practiced. 

3) Circles will be used as shapes for students and  will be placed to allow for space between them.  We know that as children they will not 100% keep their bodies 6 feet apart from each other so we insist to families to never send a child with any symptoms. X’s will  be placed along the mirrors for rest and instruction time. We ask parents to please talk with their dancers about the importance of following the rules and procedures. We want this to still be a fun experience,  and we need their help by staying on their “shape” and following instructions.  While in class, masks will not to be worn because of the dangers of exercising while breathing in one’s own CO2. Children are more apt to share germs while wearing and messing with a mask. For older dancers, there will be a designated space for street shoes and bags for each dancer to be spaced. All water fountains will be closed and dancers are encouraged to bring their own labeled water bottle if needed.

4) A classroom helper will escort younger children to the restroom if needed and ensure they wash hands before returning to class. The restroom will be sanitized after. 

5) Hands will be sanitized at the end of class as well as sanitizing the space before the next group may enter. After class, students will be brought to a designated spot downstairs by a member of our faculty and may be picked up by their guardian. 

6) Parents/siblings will not be allowed to wait upstairs. All seating for waiting will be removed from the upstairs areas. The DDC front desk will be open for only payments/purchases. If people wish to wait within the facility, they must use the downstairs lounge, community room, or courtyard, all while practicing social distancing. We encourage any correspondences with our faculty to be done via email at

  • There will be a 15 minute sanitization period between ALL classes. Only faculty will be allowed in the studios during this sanitization period. All surfaces will be thoroughly disinfected. 
  • The following will be the schedule for June 1-July 3 classes:
Block 1Grade 5- Laura 3:30-4:15Imagidance I- Cammie 3:30-4:00Grade 4- Krystin 3:30-4:15Upper School Alphas- Linze 3:30-4:15
Block 2Lower Contemporary II- Krystin 4:30-5:15Imagidance II- Cammie 4:30-5:15Grade 2- Laura 4:30-5:15Jr. Dance Artist/Gamma Contemporary- Linze 4:30-5:15
Block 3Jr. Dance Artists- Krystin 5:30-6:30Primary- Cammie 5:30-6:15Upper School Gammas- Laura 5:30-6:30Dance Artists Company Rehearsal  – Linze 5:30-6:30

Block 1Grade 3- Laura 3:30-4:15Imagidance I- Cammie 3:30-4:00Grade 2- Krystin 3:30-4:15Tap/Character 2 Grade 4 & 5 – Linze 3:30-4:15
Block 2Lower Contemporary I- Krystin 4:30-5:15Imagidance II- Cammie 4:30-5:15Grade 5- Laura 4:30-5:15Upper School Betas- Linze 4:30-5:15
Block 3Jr. Dance Artists- Krystin 5:30-6:30
Upper School Gammas- Laura 5:30-6:30Dance Artists Company Rehearsal  5:30-6:30 

Block 1 Grade 1- Laura 3:30-4:15
Imagidance II- Cammie 3:30-4:15Primary- Krystin 3:30-4:15Tap/Character 1   Grade 2 & 3 – Linze 3:45-:4:30

Block 1Upper School Alphas- Krystin 3:30-4:15Pre- Primary- Cammie 3:30-4:15Grade 3- Laura 3:30-4:15Upper School Betas- Linze 3:30-4:15
Block 2Alpha/Beta Contemporary- Krystin 4:30-5:15Imagidance I- Cammie 4:30-5:00Grade 1 – Laura 4:30-5:15Jr. Dance Artists- Linze 4:30-5:30
Block 3Upper School Gammas- Laura 5:30-6:30

Dance Artists Company Rehearsal –  5:30-7