DDC’s Noccalula’s Fall Production Information

Tickets will be available online at noon on Thursday, June 18 via

Due to this year’s circumstances, we are excited to have the Mort Glosser Amphitheatre booked for the same planned July 10, 11, and 12 performance dates of Noccalula’s Fall. The classes will be divided up each night and outdoor seating will be done at a lower capacity with adequate space and social distance between households. Dancers will wait outdoors in a designated spot or open air space before dancing and younger dancers will not go into any dressing rooms. The shows each night will be approximately an hour. We have a few more procedures for the performance to work out, but we will ensure we keep the correct measures in place. We will be sending more details out very soon. It is very important that every family is on our remind messaging and all correspondences with our faculty should be made through

The following classes will perform on the indicated night:

July 10th 7 PM
Water Performance
Gamma, Junior, and Senior Dance Artists

Thursday Pre-primary Salamanders

Monday Imagidance 1 Turtles
Thursday Grade 1 Colors of the Mist

Monday Imagidance 2 Swallows

Tap 1 – Raindancers
Tap 2 – Warriors
Upper Contemporary 1 – Spring Dwellers

Monday Grade 4 Scarlet Butterflies

July 11th 7 PM
Earth Performance
Gamma, Junior, and Senior Dance Artists

Tuesday Grade 3 Shawl Dancers Thursday

Grade 3 Willow Branches Tuesday

Grade 5 Midnight Wisteria

Thursday Imagidance 1 Cherokee Roses

Tuesday Imagidance 2 Fiddle Head Ferns

Wednesday Imagidance 2 Rabbits
Lower Contemporary 2 – Coyotes
Beta Level Thunderbird Nunnehi

July 12th 7 PM
Sky Performance
Gamma, Junior, and Senior Dance Artists
Wednesday Grade 1 Starlight Hummingbirds

Monday Grade 2 Shooting Star Stags

Tuesday Grade 2 Dreamcatchers

Monday Grade 5 Starfeathers

Monday Primary Indian Paintbrush Wednesday Primary Sunset Foxes

Tuesday Imagidance 1 Gemstones

Lower Contemporary 1 Constellations

Alpha Level North Wind Nunnehi

DDC Schedule of Events June/July/August 2020
June 1 – July 2 – April/May 2020 Schedule fo Classes Resumes – Costumes go out
June 10, 11, 15, & 16 – Picture Week – Details TBA soon!
June 18 – Tickets for Noccalula’s Fall go on sale at NOON
June 22-25 – Registration opens for CURRENT students and families via email only
June 26 5-7 PM- Open House and Registration for New Students
July 2 – Last Day of Regular Classes
July 6 – Load in Amphitheatre
July 7, 8 – Staging Rehearsals- Upper School
July 9 – Dress Rehearsals Times TBA
July 10th 7 PM – Noccalula’s Fall – Water Performance – Gadsden Amphitheatre
July 11th 7 PM – Noccalula’s Fall – Earth Performance – Gadsden Amphitheatre
July 12th 7 PM – Noccalula’s Fall – Sky Performance – Gadsden Amphitheatre
July 13-August 13th – Closed to the Public/ Full Year Resets
August 14th – Open House and Dancewear Fittings
August 24th – 2020-2021 Season Begins