DDC Tuition & Policies

45 minutes weekly

$55 per month

1 hour weekly

$60 per month

2 hours weekly

$90 per month

3 hours weekly

$100 per month

4-4.5 hours weekly

$110 per month

5 or more hours weekly

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 Parents are invited to visit and observe classes during the Fall and Spring Semester Parents’ Week.  These will be special weeks so that you may share in our learning.  Our traditions are a Tea Party in the Fall and a Picnic in the Spring.  If you should choose to remain in the lobby during class time, please be aware of the sound distractions.  Siblings of students are not allowed to run or play loudly through the studio.  Because all teachers and assistants may be tending to classes, please feel free to talk between class times or use email for any questions.

Picking Up Students After Class

For the safety of your child, no student will be allowed to wait outside the studio or walk to the car alone.  Parents must come inside the studio to pick up their children.


Students should arrive and depart promptly.  Regular and consistent attendance is important to the progress of the dancer.  The progress of the entire class is hindered when class must be stopped in order to re-teach what was missed during an earlier session

Missed Classes

Any missed class may be made up (if available) within one month of the missed session.  If a student misses a class after February, students will not be allowed to make-up a class due to the focus of choreographic material.  NO tuition refunds or reductions will be made if the student misses a scheduled class or withdraws.   Make-up classes are at the discretion of the director and cannot be guaranteed available. 

In the case of inclement weather, the GCSA follows the cancellation policy of the Gadsden City School Systems.