DDC Adult Ballet & Yoga: Community Workshop Summer Series

Buti yoga workouts transform your BODY+SOUL with cardio-intensive bursts of tribal dance, primal movement and conditioning woven into a dynamic yoga practice. This practice encourages women(young and old) to connect to the deepest parts of themselves to transform internally as well as externally. **women only please** age 15+

Buti Yoga will be held 9am on Tuesdays this summer at the DDC. Sessions will take place June 6th- July 18th. * No classes July 4th/7th for Buti or Adult Ballet.

Wear stretchy shorts/pants, sports bra, tank or t shirt. *We will be sweating so dress appropriately ! Yoga mats provided but feel free to bring your own.

Instructor: Krystin Baird

Adult Ballet (FREEflow) is a DDC exclusive designed for Adults 16 & up of all levels of experience. No experience is required to enjoy this class! We will cover the basics of ballet, free movement, and incorporate the popular barre workout series.

Adult Ballet is offered on Thursday mornings at 9am June 8th-July 20th. *There will be no sessions July 4th & 7th.

Participants should wear comfortable clothing, allowing freedom of movement. Ballet shoes or dance sneakers not required, but are recommended.

Jump in, and enjoy FREEflow!

Laura Thrasher

$12 drop in session
$60 all Adult Ballet sessions (6)
$120 all Adult Ballet+Buti Yoga sessions (12)

Contact for more information